Hangzhou High Per Corporation limited was established in China in 2009.

It specializes in ATVs, go karts, dirt bikes and scooters.

Most of its products are exported to European, North American, South American, Australian and Southeast Asian markets.

In 2021, Highper exported more than 600 containers to 58 countries and regions.

We look forward to long-term cooperation with our esteemed customers.



  • DB-X12


    The Highper HP-X12 is a true READY TO RACE motocross machine. It is a genuine dirt bike that is produced with top-quality components, real race-bred input, and thoughtful development. It's a perfect choice when stepping into the world of MX. The bike features adjustable front forks and rear suspension for a comfortable ride, and 4-piston bi-directional 160mm disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in any situation. From beginner to intermediate riders, this motocross bike is sure to give you endless thrills. Don't settle for the best option for your child's off-road adventures. Trust our top-of-the-line 50cc two-stroke motorcycles to deliver the ultimate performance and safety features you and your young rider deserve.
  • GK014E B

    GK014E B

    This electric buggy has a permanent magnet DC motor that provides a maximum power of 2500W. The maximum speed of the buggy exceeds 40km/h. The top speed depends on the weight and terrain, and it should only be used on private land with the permission of the landowner. Battery life varies depending on the driver's weight, terrain, and driving style. Buckle yourself and your friends and head through the woods for an exciting ride on the track, dunes, or streets. The buggy can be equipped with a windshield, Bluetooth speakers, front and rear LED lamps, a roof, a water cup hanger, and other accessories. Ride safely: Always wear a helmet and safety gear.
  • X5


    Introducing the new Highper 48v 500w electric scooter, a light weight lithium battery pack for long lasting battery power. This scooter is fast and off-road capable with front and rear shock absorber and air filled tires. LCD screen shows Speed and Distance and 3 adjustable speeds. The frame is made of magnesium alloy that will stand the test of time. It has the strength to carry a 120kg load, enabling more people to ride with confidence and in safety. Meawhile, you can choose to make 1000W, 48V dual motor, which constant power that was able to climb hills and slopes with ease.
  • HP124E


    Introducing our brand new electric mini bike, designed for off-road use, featuring a powerful 1500W motor and electricity. With a top speed of 28mph and a 60V 20Ah lifepo4 lithium battery, this bike is perfect for thrill-seeking and adventure riding teens. Modern and stylish, the latest design of our electric mini bike is the perfect accessory for the teen who is always looking for something new. And, while it's sleek and affordable, it's also durable and high-quality, guaranteed to outlast any conventional bike. The motor on this bike is very powerful and is great for tackling rough terrain and steep hills. The bike's lightweight design and reliable suspension system provide a smooth, effortless ride, allowing riders to easily explore the outdoors and push the limits. What sets our electric mini bike apart is the long-lasting and rechargeable 60V 20Ah lifepo4 lithium battery. In conclusion, our electric mini bike is the perfect choice for teenagers who want high quality, new design and powerful motor. It promises an exhilarating experience that is both safe and secure. With its impressive features and capabilities, this bike is sure to exceed your expectations for endless fun and adventure. Try it now and experience off-road riding like never before!
  • HP115E


    Are you looking for the perfect electric motorcycle for children? Look no further than the Electric Dirt Bike HP115E, the ultimate motorcycle for kids! KTM has the SX-E, Indian Motorcycle has the eFTR Junior, and Honda has the CRF-E2 - the market is now ready for the electric revolution. Equipped with a 60V brushless DC motor with a maximum power of 3.0 kW (4.1 hp), which is equivalent to a 50cc motorcycle, this dirt bike is designed for young beginners. The interchangeable 60V 15.6 AH/936Wh battery lasts up to two hours under ideal conditions, meaning your little one can enjoy long outdoor adventures with ease. A twin-spar frame incorporates all of this technology, and hydraulic front and rear shocks prioritize performance. Your child will experience the smoothest ride, hydraulic brake calipers attached to 180mm wave brake discs bring the mini buggy to a stop, the front brake is operated by the right lever, and the rear brake is operated by the left lever. Two 12-inch wire-spoke wheels with knobby tyres help little ones overcome modest obstacles, and the bike itself weighs just 41kg, with a maximum load capacity of 65kg. With the HP115E electric off-road vehicle, the children can have unlimited wonderful outdoor experiences!